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Royal Enfield 1976

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Royal Enfield 1976 Model 350 cc free shipping

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Royal Enfield 1976 günstig kaufen

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Royal Enfield 1976
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  • Royal Enfield 1976
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Hi everybody,
You all are looking at completely restored royal enfield 1976 model 350cc, made in classic style. 
This motorcycle is prepared with old chassis and old engine casing with matching numbers and inside the engine every bit and parts are new. The spares we used in motorcycle are from royal enfield company.
We do worldwide shipping; you ask the price near to your port.
-          We check the chassis to be straightened and send all the parts for sandblasting and we make a rough fixing of the bodyline to check the cemetery.
-          In this stage we mainly check the frame is not to be welded or cracked
-          After this we send the chassis to the machine shop to make them 100% straight
-          Send all the body line stuff for sandblasting, to take the complete rust out.
-          On the bike we do the primer antirust coating on the bodyline parts including frame and after we do painting with two component paint with lacker finish on top.
-          After painting our professional mechanics do all the fitting with each and every washer.
-          When the bike is ready, we check the bike and make a ride of 25 miles.
-          New bearing inside the engine, gear box, and in sprocket and wheels. in engine we use nrb and nbc bearings, in gear box and wheels we are using jbl bearings.
-          Both the wheels  are brand new and in front we use the 71/2 inches breaks with twin leading shoes.
-          Complete wiring is new and all electrical equipments made by swiss 12v ac/dc system.
-          Both tires are new and of Dunlop/mrf/birla/ceat company.
-          All bushes in side the engine and gear boxes are new
-          Brand new gear box 4 speed , newly assembled by us with all new sprockets and shafts.
-          Total new clutch with both covers.
-          All the rubbers of the bikes are completely new
-          New shockers in front and rear. The rear shockers are of Armstrong Company.
-          Two separate spring saddles with pure leather covers.
-          Handle bearings and cup cone sets are brand new
You will get with the bike the following
-          Cable set
-          Small tool kit
-          Gasket set
-          Oil filter 5pcs
-          Air filter 3pcs
-          Sparking plug
-          Point
-          Condenser
-          Chain link
-          Inner tube
-          Workshop manual
Documents you receive after shipping the bike
-          Two original bill of ladings
-          Invoice
-          Form a (the certificate of origin) to save the import duty.
-          Log book of the bike
We pack the motorcycle in a wooden crate completely closed from all sides.
The shipping is through sea freight and shipping is up to HAMBURG, ANTWERP, VIENNA , ROTTERDAM PORTS are include in bidding price and if need any other port then pay additional shipping, pls confirm the shipping price before bidding.
The size of the box in which one motorcycle  is packed is 218cm length,61cm breadth and height 117cms.  
WE SHIP WORLD WIDE, kindly before buying you can ask rate where you want
After the payment, with in 10 working days you will ship the scooter and in next 5 working days we will send the bill of lading and invoice copies and log book of the motorcycle  at your home via ups or fedex.
Also you get FORM A along with it so that you have to pay only 4% import duty.
With in 75 days to 90 days the motorcycle with side car will be at your sea port.
Remember you have to pay the import duty,vat and whatever the taxes at your port.
Hope you all like the product, thanks for looking
Have a nice day

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